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Live Music

Production Studio


Marks Bio
Custom Music Composition and Arranging: 
  • We don't do needle drops at Streder Productions. Whether it's a ten second ID or a full film score, we write original custom music that exactly fits your needs. You won't be hearing your song on some other broadcast eighty miles away. You own it.

Voiceover and Production Studio: 
  • Great gear, and a quiet room with a variety of vintage microphones. That's all you need.
Original Tunes: 
  • Words and Music by Mark Streder. Vocals by Suzanne Palmer. Saxes by Mark Colby.

Sacred Music Arrangements: 
  • Contemporary Treatment of Some Great Old Hymns.

A Few Recent Clients
Mattel Toys
Western Publishing
Galoob Toys
Tiger Toys
Children's Memorial Hospital
FTD Florist's
Milton Bradley
Hasbro Toys

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